Salvatore Schiano is an italian composer and performer. In 2011 he achieved a degree in classical guitar at the ”Conservatorio G. Martucci” of Salerno, Italy. In 2012 he moved to  London where he studied for a Master in Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music (RCM) with Francis Shaw and Enrica Sciandrone, graduating in June 2014.


During his career he has brilliantly combined both the activities of performer and composer, his compositions for guitar, vibraphone, cello and electronics have won the first prize at the “Antonio Sacchini” international chamber music competitions, and at the “International music contest of Val Tidone”.


Salvatore is a very versatile composer. Currently his portfolio includes music for theatre, film and television, instrumental music divided into orchestral and electroacoustic music. Since 2011 he is collaborating with several music libraries.


During the last year in London Salvatore has composed music for the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the Ex Animo Foundation, the Roundhouse, the London Film School. Moreover he has been shortlisted to be a part of the “Great Exhibitionists” series and the annual “RCM showcase” which was held in the prestigious Britten Theatre.


Salvatore has devoted part of his career to teaching, he held seminars of music therapy and music technology, his repertoire includes music for children as well. In 2009 he achieved a degree in “Music Sociology” at the University Federico II, Naples.


The Resurgence Story


First published in 1966, Resurgence is celebrating 50 years at the forefront of environmental publishing. To mark the occasion, here's a short history of the magazine, now published as Resurgence & Ecologist, and the environmental charity behind it - The Resurgence Trust. Video by Simona Piantieri, Music and Sound by Salvatore Schiano.

More Than 100 Stories - A Journey to a Creative Place


More Than 100 Stories is a digital collection of texts, sound and images responding to the stories, achievements and learning of the Creative People and Places programme 2013-2016. It's built around ten key themes: confidence, decision-making, failure, language, local, partnership, people, taste, time and trust. Artwork by Nicole Mollett, Animation by Georgina Ferguson, Music and Sound by Salvatore Schiano


One hundredth of a second


Kate is a talented photojournalist. She risks her life to deliver powerful images to the

waiting world until a photograph of a Girl changes her life forever.


Napoli, Sliding Memories


This project was presented at the annual RCM showcase in 2014. Napoli, Sliding Memories was inspired by the collaboration with the video maker Costanza Fraia. It is a time-laps-movie based on the city of Naples, a mixture of real and abstract sounds which outlines the contrasts and the double soul of the city. Starting from the live guitar, all the elements presented in this piece represent my musical heritage which is strictly connected with the city where I come from, a unique place where a wide range of colours, traditions and feelings blend together.


Sebastian’s Voodoo


The film revolves around a voodoo doll, who frees itself from the grasp of its murderorus

creator, upon the encuragment of his peers. The concept of altruistic sacrifice is the most

prevalent theme in this work. How can the freed doll save their friend from being killed? I

has to work with the tools that he/she has acces to..

Two chimneys


Two Chimneys looks at the closure of the Lots Road Power Station and its legacy. With the

help of former workers and a local photographer who has taken numerous pictures of it,

the documentary explores the power station’s impact on the community, it’s visual beauty

and the loss experienced after its closure. Focusing mainly on its visual qualities, the film

could benefit greater from exploring the social consequences, but nevertheless it is a

beautifully shot and compelling film.


Simolab showreel


Simolab is an independent audiovisual company located in central London. Founded by

visual artist Simona Piantieri, Simolab advocates the power of audiovisual environments,

from immersive AV installations to short documentaries, promo videos, motion graphics,

photography, sound and much more..



Let Your Hair down


'Let Your Hair down' is a collaboration between filmmaker Simona Piantieri and composer

Salvatore Schiano.

The video was showcased at the Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music. A live orchestra

played the video's soundtrack.

Spoken words by David Black

Poem ‘ The Conqueror Worm’ by Edgar Allan Poe (1843)

Love Theme


A young woman lost in a world suspended between the magic and poetry of the theatre..

This orchestral arrangement has been conceived for the annual RCM Composers’ Orchestral Workshops and recorded in the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall in London by the Royal College of Music Symphony Orchestra with Graham Ross (Counductor).


The Ocean Maker


After the seas have disappeared, a courageous pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds.

My submission for the annual 'Marvin Hamlisch" contest.

Salvatore Schiano


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